Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Abbreviations Used in Recipes Chart

When you first start cooking, you need to learn the jargon of a recipe.  We'll start with an abbreviations list.  Almost all ingredients listed in recipes use this format:

c. = cup
tsp. = teaspoon
Tbsp. = tablespoon
oz. = ounce
lb. = pound
pt. = pint
qt. = quart
pkg. = package
lrg. = large
sm. = small
min. = minutes
dz. = dozen

Tablespoon and teaspoon can also be noted by a capital T. and a lower case t.

Also watch for cans of anything.  When it says 1 can, usually a measurement in ounces will accompany the listing to let you know what size the can is.  But if it doesn't, try using the most common size first.  For instance, if it says one can of soup, it most likely doesn't mean the family size can, it means the most common size can.  Also, if it says a 7 oz. can, and yours says 8 oz. on the label, don't stress, use it anyway, the extra ounce will almost never matter in this type of cooking.

If a recipe specifies chopped ingredients, they are measured after they are chopped.

An important note here, is to ALWAYS READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH your recipe before you start.  Some recipes have ingredients listed in their directions, and you will save yourself headache if you are prepared with all ingredients and tools on hand before you start.

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