Friday, April 17, 2015

Changes, Changes!

Hello again.  It seems ages since I have been here to blog.  What a busy spring we have had! We are in a new home now, not very far from our old one, but to move our family is a feat, no matter how far it is! Thanks to all the helpers we had!! We loved our old home, and I loved my old kitchen, but wait until you see my new one! (I have been told it is only for certain tastes, but it suits mine, so that's alright.) We are currently a bit in and out of boxes and will be for awhile during the finishing of our new basement. Construction isn't my favorite thing until it is over, so I'm looking forward to that day! Meanwhile, I have a back log of recipes I want to share, and as I get some time, I will do it.

The only corner of my kitchen clean enough to photograph this morning, but it gives you a good flavor of the house. This is the broom closet and pantry.
Sorry about the angle on this one, trying to show you the cool wood ceilings. And what Nate calls the John Wayne doors. Wood and books.
And books and wood.  What more could you want?
Maybe a few trees! This house has an awesome yard and we have been enjoying the spring colors.
Thanks for letting me share! Come for a visit!

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