Saturday, May 15, 2010

Note to Self

Do you write in your cookbooks?  I tried a new recipe the other day.  It was called The Ultimate Cookie.  I was in the mood for an ultimate kind of cookie, and could not resist the title.  Well, the recipe either has some major type-o problems, or it was never tested before submission to begin with.  The first batch of cookies could have been called Shocking Pools of Wonder, as they spread all over the pan and grossed us out. Ugh.  Too much shortening, not enough flour.  I say in my head, "I knew the dough was too soft!" Ugh!  So a couple of cups of flour later, I finally get a product which looks like a cookie, but tastes bland and unappealing.  Never fear, my kids + neighbor kids ate them all, but I was very disappointed. 

I learned a long time ago that when this kind of thing happens, I need to make a note to myself. The kind that is NOT just in my head.  I cook a wide variety of things, so I may not come back to a recipe for a year.  By then, I will have forgotten what worked and what didn't.  What trick I used to save a mess etc.  So I write in all my cookbooks.  If we loved something, I note it in the margin.  If we hated it, I cross it right out.  The Ultimate Cookie got this notation: Don't waste your ingredients!

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