Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Menu Notes

I have posted a series of dinner menus numbered 1-5 under the menus tab, but I know menus to be such a personal thing, that I am sure they only serve as ideas. No one is cooking just like I am at my house, simply because we have different ingredients on hand at different times.  In the weekly menu section on the side bar, I have been giving an over-view of what you can expect to see on the blog this week.  I post my "What's for dinner?" choices and they are usually sprinkled with a couple of new recipes I have been itching to try.  If you see something different on the sidebar menu that does not show up on the blog, I have a) not made it for some reason or b) it was not good enough to share.  Some of the menu items are already posted on the blog and will simply benefit from a new photo and a minute in the lime light. 

I will start marking new-to-me recipes with a * so you will know.  For instance, the Johnny Cake of this week was a new recipe.  It came out of the oven looking promising.  I even took several nice photos, but it was awful! So you won't find it here!  I will possibly still post some menus in the future, but as summer rolls out before us, things are less structured and the blog probably will be too. If the menus are being used as a whole and you would like more of them in the future, let me know.
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