Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mixes make Cents

I believe the first of this series of cookbooks was created in the 1970's.  I became familiar with it in its second run about 12 years ago.  I still remember cringing at the $20 I spent on the book (in the days before I could shop on-line) and wondering if it would ever pay for itself.  At the beginning, the authors talked about how we already use mixes in our cooking, like cake mixes, brownie and pancake mixes, but that you could make your own.  I was used to making my own everything, and I was looking for something to stretch my time and my dollar.  I was not disappointed.  The way it is set up, the book begins with a series of recipes for basic mixes, and then lists a group of recipes to be made from each mix.  Originally I was discouraged, thinking it was a whole new system and I might be overwhelmed, but I had invested....so I began to try it out. 

I cannot say what a help this has been over the years.  I can take an hour one afternoon a month and make up a batch of mixes. I let the kids help and we make it a sort of party.  Later, the mixes really cut down on time in the kitchen.  I also like knowing all the ingredients my family is eating. You will need canisters, but I had been given a bunch for my wedding, so I was already set.  After that, we use the mixes all month.  Right hand ones are Quick Mix, Muffin Mix, Hot Cocoa Mix, and Russian Refresher (to name a few).  I also love their cookie mix recipe.   Now that I use coupons, I can buy store mixes for about as cheap as making my own, so when I get the chance I do, but I still make many mixes and this little book revolutionized the way I look at cooking! The cover shown here is a new version to me.  I'm going to check it out from the library to see if there are some new ideas just waiting for me.

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