Sunday, October 21, 2012

Caramel Apples Kids Can Make

This is more of an activity than a recipe.  It comes from my mother, who used to hand us the things to do this when we would take car trips in the fall.  It will keep little hands busy for several minutes.  Always nice.

Caramel Apples Kids Can Make
You will need one apple per person.  I like small, tart apples for this.
5 wrapped caramels per person (my mother came up with this number, it will give you enough to cover a small apple and 1 or 2 to eat)

Wash hands all around. (unless you are in the car-then I guess you can use hand sanitizer.  We ate our apples with indifferent hand hygiene back in the day.) Unwrap the caramels.  Pinch the caramel between your fingers to flatten it into a thick sheet.  Mold the caramel on to the side of your apple.  Hold it on with your hands for a few seconds, letting the heat from your hands hold it to the apple.  Pinch another caramel flat and apply a second sheet, pressing the edges of the caramels together on your apple.  At this point, you will usually see that the caramels are going to cover the apple with some to spare, so you eat one while you forge ahead. Don't cover the very top or the very bottom.  That would waste caramel and you would have to go to candy jail. When they are all covered the way each person likes them, show them to each other before you eat! Enjoy.

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