Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Latest Retro Appliance

My food processor is one of my favorite things, but in the last weeks, this eight year old appliance has been giving me what I recognize as its last efforts, and I began a panicky search for its replacement (not having the $100 on hand to replace it right now--remember the recession?).  So I was ecstatic to find one at a thrift store that is in nearly perfect, although vintage condition, for $5!  Can I get a "Wa-hoo!"?  I was giving myself a pat on the back, carrying it to the car, when my daughter giggled and pointed out that it was just another retro appliance to add to the collection.  She is right.

If I were to tell you I have a collection of retro/vintage appliances, you might get this in your head:
But you would be wrong.  What my daughter is referring to is a Bosch mixer that is older than me, a GE hand mixer that I bought from a yard sale 14 years ago that is probably circa 1975, a microwave oven acquired last summer on Freecycle that has "wood" siding and now my latest greatest: the food processor
Which looks exactly like the one my mother used to death when I was a child. And I couldn't be more pleased. Welcome to the collection!

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