Thursday, July 7, 2011

Food and Movies

I've told some of you that my plan for this summer was to indulge in some fun movie watching.  I love movies where food takes center stage, think of the salads in Nacho Libre or the trays of food going in to grandma in Cold Comfort Farm while there is nasty gruel on the table for every one else.  Food can tell you where you are in the world.  Who likes you, or doesn't. Movies take advantage of our personal relationships with food to quickly communicate to us at a visceral level what is going on. 

A couple of nights ago, I sat down to a movie that I'd never heard of, but recommended by Netflix because of my viewing past.  It is called Sweet Land.  It starts with a quote, "Let us hope, that we are all proceeded in this world by a love story."  So, I know that it will be a love story, but it was a hard one to watch.  I have been thinking for two days about its powerful messages about treating people--perfectly good people who happen to be from another place or speak another language--in a way that is hurtful because of fear.  I have also been thinking for two days about the amount of pie in that movie.  I love pie!  And, toward the end, there is a wonderful scene over dinner, where our beautiful lady has prepared with love, a feast for her not-yet-husband.  She puts it on the table while he watches with reverence.  He begins to eat, amazement and then joy on his face as he wolfs food, and she, with an empty plate, watches.  She puts a pie in front of him, he indicates that it maybe came from a neighbor, she counters, "My pie!"  He can't believe his eyes.  It is a great scene.  Hunger, pleasure, longing, all communicated over the table and into my mind.  In another scene, over another pie, two women tuck into it together, and eat it all, bonding despite cultural and language barriers, because food can do that. So true!

Just some random musings, I know, but I'd love to hear what movies you like that have food play a star role.  I have some summer left, and I'd love some recommendations.

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