Friday, June 15, 2012

Transitions are for the Birds

Hello.  Remember me?  Transitions and life changes always leave me a bit weary, and the end of the school year is no exception.  We enjoyed (and survived) the end of year concerts, the awards assemblies and the parties.  We finished another season of soccer.  We celebrated two birthdays and we have moved three friends/family into new homes.  The last couple of months have been a season of transition, but it isn't over--it's just beginning.

We are painting and preparing to list our home for sale.  It is a recent decision, and a bit sudden: we were comfortably living here, planning nothing one minute and the next, looking around in a panic at how much damage nine people can do to a house.  Will we ever get it ready for someone else to want it?

In the mean time, my kitchen is under a flood of tools and painting supplies--which go nicely with the various furnishings looking for a safe haven from paint drips.  We still have to eat!  So there are a couple of old recipes here with new photos.  (Make sure to try mom's doughnuts, they are wonderful!)

Sandra's Doughnuts
Tangy Beef Stroganoff

I am also planning something here on the blog for my newly graduated friends who are looking at college/moving away and feeling anxious over how mom cooked what. It is akin to the difference between riding in a car and driving the car to be around food cooking and to actually have to cook it yourself.  So I am working on a student in the kitchen tab to help my own son and others through their first trials of feeding themselves.  (I'd be happy to entertain requests, as we all begin somewhere, and we all keep learning!) Look for it in the near future on the main tab list.

Meanwhile, we will keep painting and boxing.  Wish me luck!
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