Friday, February 15, 2013

For Motherhood

Usually we talk about food, but today, I want to talk about Something Else. If you have watched the movie portrayal of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, you will have seen the battlefield charge, where the king is mounted on a striking white unicorn, sword thrust in the air, and as the camera sweeps around to show serious, determined faces, they ride forward and yell, "For Narnia, and for Aslan!"
I've had some events this last week that make me want to do a little charging around and yelling of my own.   I really have no right to tell anyone how to do their job, or what to choose in life--and I don't necessarily want to.  But, I do want to shout to all of you women out there who are dedicated to mothering the next generation, even in the face of criticism and hardship: Good Work! wiping faces and hands, and all the fingerprints the tiny hands made.  Keep It Up! running kids to soccer and to scouts.  Chin Up, You Are Not Alone! because we make mistakes and so do our children, but God can help.  And most importantly, You Are Wonderful! for getting up in the night to comfort the tears, or for staying up to hear how the date went. The work you do is so important!

I just believe in it.  That mothers carefully nurturing families is at the very heart of what the world needs most.  You have more power and influence than you think.

Everybody, swords up? Ready? Charge!

*clip art from Vintage Feed Sacks
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