Thursday, March 3, 2011

Falling Cloudberries Cookbook

There was not a copy in the library system here, although they did have Apples For Jam, one of her other cookbooks for me to fall in love with.  I couldn't even find a copy for sale in the city to peruse.  Finally with some money given to me for my birthday, I just ordered it from Amazon, hoping I would love it.  I do!  You understand almost immediately that this book is very personal for Tessa Kiros.  It focuses on her heritage from Finland and Greece and her upbringing in South Africa.  It touches too on Italian dishes and ends with favorites from her collection, including a delicious looking assortment of ice creams. I love the notes included about her family or friends, it fosters connection, that same connection which is part of feeding those we love.

My first impression was that I might not be able to cook from it much, because the book seemed a bit exotic to me.  I live in a land locked area and the words, "Cut the head off the octopus, just below the eyes." seemed impossibly far away.  But I have dug into this book and found a great deal to interest me.  My family was quite happy with her recipe for Pork Schnitzels and I was excited to have a foolproof recipe for poaching chicken.  I am hopelessly in love with her Milk, Honey and Cinnamon Ice Cream and I am soon to try Sue's Biscotti.  Like Apples For Jam, this book is gorgeous! Family photos are sprinkled among those of food and locations that make you feel as if you'd had a vacation just looking.  This one will not sit idle on the shelf, I am sure!

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