Friday, August 19, 2011

My Shortening is Soft, and other Thoughts About August.

I reached for the shortening to make biscuits, it looked normal when I opened it, but when I stuck in my spoon, it went squish.  It is too hot! Too hot to think.  Too hot to cook.  If we have one month that I could skip year after year, it is August.  My mind feels just like that poor shortening: trying to hold it together, but underneath it all, squish.

My garden likes the heat.  I harvested 4 eggplants yesterday.  Nobody told me they were like zucchini!  Prolific production and the same reception at the table.  The only difference is that I don't have any recipes for eggplant quick bread or eggplant cookies.  And I am positive my children do not want me to research this!  Eggplants are rather appealing to the eye, deep purple and perfectly formed.  I am making an Eggplant Parmesan as soon as it is not too hot to cook.... I've only had one ripe tomato, about the size of a nickel.  Hoping for more soon. The yellow summer squash is going crazy, and the zucchini would be perfect for cookies, if it weren't so hot.

This is my theory:  you know how some people get seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the fall and winter when the gray weather sets in?  I get that in August.  I sit a lot.  I eat sugar and put on weight.  I can't sleep for the tossing in the sticky heat.  My house gets atrocious for lack of care.  I look around and wonder why my husband keeps me.

Then there is back-to-school.  My children are my friends and I always dread the time when I am supposed to send them away again.  I do, however, love to buy school supplies.  There is something so happy about clean paper and new pens, all the possibilities!

So, what are we eating?  Not much that can't be microwaved!  I did put a pork roast in my crock pot with barbecue sauce this week.  Good ole' crock pot.  And last night we had hot dogs and onions with jello jigglers.  I may try microwaving my eggplant Parmesan so I can eat that yummy stuff.

My happy thought is that August is almost over.  September and October are my favorites so we will cook some more soon--just as soon at the heat breaks.

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