Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Few of Our Favorite Things

This is my 400th post. Can you believe it?  It seemed like a big enough number to have a little Hoop-la. I've done a few statistics and I will share, (whether you are interested or not--that is the glory of your own blog, after all. :)  Four hundred posts break down into: 323 recipes, 41 posts of kitchen tips along with 22 menu lists.  Then there are assorted ramblings all my own about groceries and memories or anything else that makes me happy or makes me mad.

 I thought we could celebrate by introducing you to my family's favorite things that are listed on the blog. I let them each choose something dessert, and something not. So, here are the family favorites, you might say.

Jenny: Piadina (Italian Flat Bread) and Elaine's Rhubarb Pie

Now, in asking everyone about their favorite things, I learned that there are a few family favorites that are not on here at all.  In fact three of my children, when asked about their favorite food said "Chinese Noodles".  The recipe for this isn't on here, because I re-invent it each time I make it, but one of my main purposes in writing the blog is for my children to know where their recipes are, so I had better write it down.  It is one for you to look forward to, as I can never make enough to have leftovers, they just keep eating until there's nothing left but the scent and a few onion bits in the bottom of the wok.

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